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Healthcare Services

Our healthcare services are intended not only to preserve and promote the health of the members including voluntary continued members, their dependents, and private school personnel of 75 years or older but also to support them for their entire lives. For detailed information, please refer to our “PMAC Book (Healthcare and Hotel version, in Japanese only).
Some of our healthcare services are locally implemented by our mutual aid administration division within Garden Palace located in each of the seven regions (blocks) of Japan.

Nationwide services

Assisting in health management:

  • Specified health check-up and Specified health guidance
  • Healthcare Points
  • Health check-up expenses subsidy
  • Medical check-up by mail
  • Mental healthcare counseling program
  • Athletic Complex


  • Childbirth gifts
  • Disaster relief items
  • Gifts to long-term recuperated members
  • Premium tickets to long-time members

Facilities that can be used as a corporate member:

  • Sport facilities

Discounts tickets and coupons:

  • Department stores
  • Specialty stores (glasses, relocation services etc.)
  • Funeral services
  • Package tours
  • Vacation Coupons (JR Railway tickets)
  • Long-distance ferry tickets
  • Rent-a-car
  • Admission tickets to performances
  • Correspondence courses

Subsidizing of facility fees:

  • Lodging facilities
  • Recreational facilities

Services Available to Members and Dependents in Each Block

The following programs are implemented in each block:

  • Health promotion seminars
  • Culture seminars, lecture presentations, field trips
  • Sport events
  • Nursing-care video and DVD rental services
  • Special sales and other sales promotional activities

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