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Claims must be filed early

Time limit for claims

Claims for Short-term Benefits must be filed within two years of an event. Claims filed after the said period will not be accepted.

Payment of benefits


Benefit is remitted to your school account in principle except that Voluntary Continued Insurance Members will directly receive benefit from PMAC.

Benefit Decision and Remittance Notification

PMAC will send two sets of “Benefit Decision and Remittance Notification” (one for your school and the other for yourself) to your school office when PMAC remits benefit to your school account. Read the “Remittance Notification” carefully to check if the information in the document including the amount of benefit, the name of the beneficiary, the period for the benefit is accurate. Voluntary Continued Insurance Members will receive the document directly from PMAC by mail.

Notification of Benefit Remittance Record

PMAC will send a “Notification of Benefit Remittance Record”, which is a record history of Short-term Benefits remittance made through your school office and of grants for medical check-up expenses subsidy. The notification is sent to your address twice a year in January and July.
Note: The notification shall not be used to claim for medical expenses deduction or medical subsidies with the local administration.

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