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When Receiving Medical Care Overseas

When you and the dependents have received medical care while staying overseas due to sudden illness and injury, the medical care expenses will be covered by insurance according to and within the range of the Japanese standard for insured treatment.The claim requires the content of the medical examination to be proven by the local doctor. Always carry the Attending Physician’s Statement with you when going abroad.
Note that claims will not be accepted for visits intending medical care.

Calculation of the amount of payment

Medical care expenses that incurred overseas are first converted to the Japanese equivalent of insured treatment, and then 70% of it will be provided. This amount does not necessarily reflect the actual medical cost you paid overseas. Therefore, the amount of compensation may be drastically smaller compared to the actual fee you paid. (The compensation may be below one tenth of what you have paid.)

Time limit for claims

You need to claim the payment within two years, starting from the next day after they paid the medical expense to the hospital.

How to claim

Submit the following documents through a school corporation. (Voluntarily continued members must submit directly.)

Note: A Japanese translation is required along with the name and address of the translator when the document is written in a language other than Japanese.

  1. Form for medical expense
  2. Attending Physician's statement / Attending Dentist's statement
  3. Record of medical care overseas
  4. Receipts (original)
  5. Document to certify your passage
  6. Agreement of Authorization

    Documents to be submitted and notes
    Documents to be submitted Notes on filling out the documents
    1. Form for medical expense
    • The document must be separately submitted each month for each patient and doctor or medical institution.
    • Be sure to specify the detailed travel objective (overseas studies, business trips, or tours) as "the reason why the Membership Card was not able to be used" and the cause of the illness or injury.
    2.Attending Physician's statement/ Attending Dentist's statement
    • A separate statement proving the visit is necessary every month for each doctor or medical institution.
    • It will be difficult to obtain these statements after returning to Japan. Always be sure to carry an Attending Physician’s Statement with you when traveling abroad.
    3. Record of medical care overseas
    • Specify the country name, date of medical treatments, detailed medical treatments, payments, and currency.
    • One form is required for each claim.
    4. Receipts

    Attach the original receipts issued by the medical institution that you visited. If you were not able to receive receipts or lost them, attach a written statement that specifies the reason (be sure to affix your signature and stamp).

    5.Document to certify your passage

    A copy of passport or airline tickets,etc.

    Note: The name of you and the country should be on the document.

    6.Agreement of Authorization
    • Agreement of the PMAC refer information related to an overseas medical treatment as needed.
    • One form (per medical institution) is required for each claim.

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