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Judo therapy

When you have a bone fracture or a sprain and have treatment by a Judo therapist (bone-setter) who is officially entrusted by the Federation of Mutual Aid Associations, you may have the expenses covered by insurance by presenting your Membership Card.

  • Judo therapy is accepted as medical expense only for the following cases; traumatic bone fracture, dislocation, bruise or sprain, and muscle or tendon rupture from indirect force (also called muscle strain, it may come with crush injury), where the injury is not in a chronic state.
  • To have treatment for a bone fracture or dislocation, you must obtain a prior consent by a doctor except emergencies.
  • Stiff shoulders, muscle fatigue due to weariness of your daily routine or age are not regarded as injury or acute affliction. Such treatment expenses are not covered by insurance.
  • You cannot use the Membership Card in principle while you are surgically or orthopedically treated at the same time.
  • The bone-setter will file a claim for medical expenses with us on your behalf. Therefore you must carefully check the contents of the “Claim for Medical Treatment Expenses” issued by him/her (e.g. cause of injury, name of injury, period of treatment, treatment charge) before you sign it.

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