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Private School Mutual Aid

About Membership

Q1: Is becoming a member mandatory? I don't need to join PMAC because I am enrolled in a private health insurance plan in my country which covers my medical expenses in Japan.
I don't think I will stay in Japan long enough to fulfill the eligibility for the retirement pension, either.

A1: A person working for a private school is required to become a member if he/she meets the qualifications. It is also not possible to choose to receive only Short-term (health insurance) benefits or only pension benefits. (However, when you reach the age of 70, you no longer qualify for pension benefits program and when reaching the age of 75, you also no longer qualify for Short-term benefits program.) For pension benefits, there have been many cases where a person may be able to receive Japanese pension benefits even without fulfilling the prescribed membership period depending on the Social Security Agreement concluded with Japan. In addition, there is a Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment for foreigners.

About of Dependents

Q2: We have a new baby. My wife is not my dependent because she has her own health insurance. Even though no dependent allowance is provided by my school, can our child be approved as my dependent?

A2: If your income is greater than your wife's income, the child can be approved. Please apply for approval by attaching a tax withholding statement which can be used to compare the incomes between you and your partner.

Q3: My mother needs to be approved as my dependent because of my father's death, even though she lives apart from me. She is currently under age 60 and has no income and was a dependent of my father while he was alive. What documents do I need?

A3: For confirming the relationship between you and your mother:
Copy of your family register and that of the mother's family register
For confirming the mother's income:
Mother's tax exemption certificate
Documents regarding the mother's Survivors' Pension

  1. When determined: a copy of the benefit determination notification
  2. When requesting: a wriften plege stating the pension office name from which the preliminary calculation was issued and the estimated pension benefit amount, and a written pledge to withdraw the approval if the income exceeds the upper income limit
  3. When unable to receive the benefits: a written pledge stating the reasons why the benefits cannot be received.
    A document stating the reasons why you must support your mother

Q4: My wife (under 60 years of age) has retired from her work. She is not planning to look for another job therefore she will not be covered by employment insurance in the future. No longer having any income, does she now qualify as a dependent? What documents do I need?

A4: Family relationship confirmation:
Family Register Partial Transcripts of your wife. (If you are the head of the household, Residence Record in which the family relationship can be confirmed is accepted.)
Spouse's income confirmation document:
Copies of your wife's "Employment Insurance Letter of resignation (1), (2)"
A wriften pledge (to waive the right to receive un employment insurance payment and to cancel the status of dependent if resuming the reception of the payment) *It can be downloaded. (to download the pledge, click here)

If your wife is applicable to National Pension Category III, she must also follow the procedures for National Pension.

Q5: My child with dependent status has started a part time job. Does he have to cancel his dependent status?

A5: If he joins any health insurance provided by his employer or if his monthly income reaches the monthly income limit (e.g. 108,333 yen when the annual income limit is 1.3 million yen), his dependent status must be canceled. If his monthly income fluctuates, the dependent status will be canceled on the 1st day of the fourth month that follows three consecutive months during which the income has exceeded the prescribed limit.

Q6: My mother (over 60 years old) with the dependent status has started to receive Old-age Pension benefits. She had been receiving Survivors' Pension benefits after my father passed away. When Old-age Pension benefits started to be paid, her Survivors' Pension benefits was suspended. She does not have any other sources of income. Does she have to cancel her dependent status?

A6: The annual income limit for persons over 60 years of age who are receiving public pension benefits is 1.8 million yen. If income that is equal to or exceeds the income limit is confirmed by pension benefit decision notification, dependent status is canceled on the date she receives a pension benefit decision notification (if the starting month for payment has not yet been reached as of the date when the notification is received, the status is canceled on the first day of the payment starting month).

About Voluntarily Continued Insurance Member

Q7: How is a Voluntarily Continued Insurance Member's Monthly Standard Salary determined?

A7: One of the following items, whichever is lower:

  1. Member's Monthly Standard Salary at the time of retirement
  2. Monthly Standard Salary corresponding to a monthly salary in the Monthly Standard Salary table, which matches with the average of the Monthly Standard Salaries of all members who join Short-Term Benefits program(the average as of September of the previous year).

Q8: How is pension system participation while being a member of Voluntarily Continued Insurance handled?

A8: The Voluntarily Continued Insurance system is only applicable to Short-term payment (health insurance). Persons under 60 years of age must follow the procedures to join the National Pension as a National Pension Category I Insured person. However, if a spouse is employed, the person may be qualified to become a National Pension Category III Insured person. For more information, please consult with the Japan Pension service office.

Q9: I have requested an account transfer for paying Voluntarily Continued Insurance premiums. Why did I receive the payment slip for this year.

A9: Since it takes 2 to 3 months to complete the account transfer payment procedures, please use the slip to pay your premiums until the transfer process is completed.
The starting month of account transfer payment will be notified separately.

Q10: My Voluntarily Continued Insurance period (2 years) is about to expire. Are there any procedures I should follow?

A10: When your Voluntarily Continued Insurance membership period expires after 2 years, it is automatically processed at PMAC, so you are not required to follow any additional procedures. About a half month before the period expires, notification of Voluntarily Continued Insurance period expiration along with an "Eligibility Certificate" is sent to you.
Please use this certificate the next time you join the health insurance system (National Health Insurance, etc.).
The expired membership card, etc. must be returned to PMAC as soon as possible.

Q11: Will a VCI Member have to apply for the benefits through the school?

A11: No, you do not need to go through the school. The claim form is the same, but please be sure to inscribe on the blank part "Voluntarily Continued" and submit the claim to the PMAC directly.