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Private School Mutual Aid

About Membership

Q1:Is becoming a member mandatory? I don't need to join PMAC because I am enrolled in a private health insurance plan in my country which covers my medical expenses in Japan. I don't think I will stay in Japan long enough to fulfill the eligibility for the retirement pension, either.

About Dependents

Q2:We have a new baby. My wife is not my dependent because she has her own health insurance. Even though no dependent allowance is provided by my school, can our child be approved as my dependent?

Q3:My mother needs to be approved as my dependent because of my father's death, even though she lives apart from me. She is currently under age 60 and has no income and was a dependent of my father while he was alive. What documents do I need?

Q4:My wife (under 60 years of age) has retired from her work. She is not planning to look for another job therefore she will not be covered by employment insurance in the future. No longer having any income, does she now qualify as a dependent? What documents do I need?

Q5:My child with dependent status has started a part time job. Does he have to cancel his dependent status?

Q6:My mother (over 60 years old) with the dependent status has started to receive Old-age Pension benefits. She had been receiving Survivors' Pension benefits after my father passed away. When Old-age Pension benefits started to be paid, her Survivors' Pension benefits was suspended. She does not have any other sources of income. Does she have to cancel her dependent status?

About Voluntarily Continued Insurance Member

Q7:How is a Voluntarily Continued Insurance Member’s Monthly Standard Salary determined?

Q8:How is pension system participation while being a member of Voluntarily Continued Insurance handled?

Q9:I have requested an account transfer for paying Voluntarily Continued Insurance premiums. Why did I receive the payment slip for this year.

Q10:My Voluntarily Continued Insurance period (2 years) is about to expire. Are there any procedures I should follow?

Q11:Will a VCI Member have to apply for the benefits through the school?

Short-Term Benefits

When a Member or a Dependent Becomes ill or is Injured

Q1:How can I reduce the burden of copayment? I have long been hospitalized and anticipate high medical bills.

Q2:Can I use my membership card when I go see a osteopathic physician or Judo therapist as with other medical services?

Q3:Should I submit any form or document when I file a claim for Benefit for High-cost Medical Care, Copayment refund, Copayment refund for dependent inpatient care benefit, Dependent inpatient care benefit ?

Q4:I use a taxi to go to hospital. Can I apply for the transportation expense benefit?

Q5:I am planning to travel abroad. If I get sick and receive medical care at my travel destination, is the medical care cost covered as a medical expense or medical expense benefit for dependents?

Q6:If I become sick while employed, can I receive insured medical treatment for the illness using my membership card after I retire from the job?

When a Child is Born

Q7:We both are members. When my wife gives birth, she will be paid the Delivery Allowance. Will I be paid the Dependent Maternity Benefit then?

Q8:In case of twins, I understand that I will be paid the Maternity Benefit for each. Will the Maternity Allowance be paid in the same way?

In Case of Death

Q9:Will any benefit be paid for the burial of a stillborn child?

In Case of Harm from Floods, Earthquake, and Other Disasters

Q10:My wife and I are both members. Will each of us be paid the Disaster Relief Benefit when our house has been burned down?

Pension Benefits

For Foreigners

Q1:I am a foreign national living outside Japan. We do not have a family register or resident card in my country. What other types of documentation can I attach to claim the pension?

Q2:I am a foreign national. I currently participate in the National Pension, but I worked at a private school for two years before joining. I have never paid any insurance premiums for the National Pension, and I plan to return to my home country soon.
Can I claim a lump-sum withdrawal payment from PMAC and the National Pension?

Q3:I am a foreign national. I am thinking about claiming a lump-sum withdrawal payment as I am not eligible to receive the pension. Due to having already returned to my country, I cannot obtain the certificate of deletion of residence specified in the documents to be attached. Can I still apply for a lump-sum withdrawal payment?

Q4:I am a foreign national. I was a member of the PMAC for 5 years. I have left Japan and now live and work at a company in another country.
Can I claim the pension in Japan in the future?

Q5:I am a foreign national living in Japan. I am currently a member of PMAC. Can I claim the pension from the country I had been living before coming to Japan while I am in Japan?

Q6:I am a foreign national. Although I currently live in Japan, I am thinking about returning to my home country soon.
Can I specify a bank outside Japan to receive the pension payment?
Also, what should I do about tax?

Q7:I currently live overseas and receive the pension, but I have not received the current payment. A short while ago I received a “Current Circumstances Notification”. Is this related to me not receiving the payment?

Q8:I live outside Japan and have changed my address. I have notified the Japan Pension Service, but do I have to notify PMAC as well?

About Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment

Q1:I received the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment but the Income Tax was withheld in Japan. Can I get it refund? If I can, how?

Q2:We have a foreign teacher at our school. After being a member of the PMAC system for 2 years, the teacher is going back to America. Can this person make a request to receive pension benefits?

About Pension

Q3:I was born in October 1955 and I am a PMAC member. A pension benefit request form was delivered to my school in July. I would like to know why it was sent to me 3 months before my birthday. I have heard that while I am receiving a salary, no pension benefits are paid. Do I still have to submit the request form?

Q4:How should I request to receive early payment of my pension benefits starting from 60 years of age?

Q5:I am a 60 year old woman who was born in June 1957. I was employed by a company in the past. I received a pension benefit request form from the Pension Service. Do I have to request payment of pension benefits provided by PMAC?

Q6:I am currently employed and special payment of my Old-age Employees' Pension has been determined that I will receive. This year, I will become 65 years old. Is there any change in the amount of Pension benefits I will receive? I was a member of PMAC for 22 years and I have a 62 year old spouse.

Q7:I have heard that I can defer regular payment of Old-age Employees' Pension benefits. I would like to know the details of this system. Are there cases where deferred payment cannot be applied?

Q8:I would like to make a request to receive Disability Pension benefits. Are there any requirements when making the request to PMAC? Are Disability Pension benefits provided even if I am employed?

Q9:A pension benefits member has passed away while the person was employed. How should Survivors' Pension benefits be requested?

Q10:I retired from work at the age of 67. I received a "Retirement Pension Decision/Revision Request Form" at my home address. I would like to know why my pension benefit amount is very little even though my membership period was long. Do I need to make a request for payment?

Q11:I am 61 years old and receiving Disability Employees' Pension benefits. I have heard that I can receive Old-age Employees' Pension benefits provided by PMAC from the age of 62. Can I receive benefits from only one pension system? Can I also receive benefits from Old-age Employees' Pension system?

Q12:I am currently employed and have received an Old-age Employees' Pension benefit decision. Although the pension benefits are suspended based on the salary amount, etc. while employed, are there any adjustments made on my benefits?

Q13:When I was a Category I or III Insured Person in National Pension, I received a pension book. Does PMAC provide a pension book?

Welfare Services

About Loan Program

Q1:I have a General loan from you. If the loan rate changes, from when will my repayment amount be affected? Is there any advance notice regarding the change?

Q2:I have a General loan from you and am repaying now. I wonder if I may have another General loan. I want to buy a home electic appliance with it.

Q3:What are the procedures when I want to voluntarily repay part of my loan? Will my monthly repayment decrease then?