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Disability Allowance

Disability allowance are given to persons with sicknesses and injuries that reached a state of constant disability with stabilized symptoms within five years of the date of the first medical examination, which that date lies within the insured period of the Employees' Pension Insurance.
Disability allowances are given to persons with disability that is minor than Disability Grade 3.
The insurance premiums payment requirements are the same as that for Disability Basic Pension.
The person will not be eligible to receive the allowance if they fall under any of the following cases on the day of qualifying to the disability allowance.

  1. The person is eligible to receive pension from the public pension system. This does not include Disability Basic Pension and Disability Employee's Pension where 3 years had passed since the level of disability had improved and the person is no longer qualified for Disability Grade 1-3.
  2. The person is eligible to receive, for the same injury or sickness due to occupational and commuting accidents, disability compensation based on Labor Standards Act or disability compensation benefits based on Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act.
  3. The person had already received a disability lump sum for the same injury or sickness.

Claiming Disability Allowances

The claim should be made to the responsible implementing institution. Similar to the Disability Employee's Pension, the implementing institution at the date of the first medical examination is your responsible implementation institution.

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