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Disability Employees' Pension

One may receive Disability Employees' Pension, when the person is recognized as disabled (Disability Grade 1-3) on the date of recognition of disability (1 year and 6 months after the first medical examination or the date when the symptoms have been stabilized), due to sickness or an injury for which the first medical examination was during a period of an Employees' Pension Insurance Insured Persons. Furthermore, people with Disability Grade 1 or Grade 2 will receive Disability Basic Pension from the National Pension.

Disability Employees' Pension will be paid also for an individual, if his/her symptoms did not meet Disability Grade 1, 2, or 3 requirements on the date of recognition of disability but worsen later to meet the requirements of any of the Grades and he/she requests to be paid by the day before reaching age 65.

This is called “Payment Request for ex-post Severity.”

The payment requirement of insurance premiums is the same as that of Disability Basic Pension.

Disability Employees' Pension payment request destinations

The implementing institution that handled the pension at the time when the first medical examination was made is a responsible agency.

Example 1
Make a request to PMAC.

Example 2
Make a request to a Japan Pension Service branch office nearby.

Amount of Pension Benefits

In principle, the amount of Disability Employees' Pension is decided by earning-related amount based on the insured period until the disability certification date, but may vary according to the disability grade and participation history in public pensions.

If the member is Disability Grade 1 or Grade 2, additional pension amount for spouse under age 65 (as of April 2019, 224,500 yen) is added to the member's pension.

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