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Old-age Basic Pension

Old-age Basic Pension benefits are paid from age 65 to those who satisfy the Pension-benefit Qualified Period and have periods of being an insured person of the National Pension.

Pension amount

The annual pension amount of the Old-age Basic Pension is 780,900 yen (as of April 2021) if the premiums have been paid for 40 years from age 20 to age 60. For persons with periods exempted from paying the premium, periods when the premiums were not paid and/or periods when the person did not participate in the pension, the amount will be reduced.

Caluculation formulra

Calculation formula

Where to submit Old-age Basic Pension Payment application

Determination and payment of Old-age Basic Pension are carried out by the Japan Pension Service. However, where to submit payment application varies as shown below depending on the pension participation history of a person with eligibility to receive benefits.

  Pension system participation history Where to submit
1 Persons participating in PMAC system only PMAC
2 Persons with a participation history in PMAC system and other pension plans
(Excluding persons who fall under No.3)
Japan Pension Service branch office nearby
3 Persons who are eligible for Special payment of Old-age Employees' Pension by the Japan Pension Service Japan Pension Service head office

Transfer Addition for spouses

If a spouse born on April 1, 1966 or earlier is eligible for the Spouse Additional Pension of Old-age Employees' Pension (Retirement Mutual Aid Pension) and/or Disability Employees' Pension (Disability Mutual Pension), a certain amount based on the person's birthdate is added to the Old-Age Basic Pension benefits received at age 65. This is called a Transfer Addition.

Spouse Addition Pension is terminated when the eligible person reaches age 65.

Early payment

Even though Old-age Basic Pension is given from age 65 in principle, persons between age 60 and 64 can request early payment.

However, if early payment is requested, the pension amount is reduced at a certain rate and this reduction rate remains unchanged during their lifetime.

Reduction rate for early payment ... The number of months early payment is received × 0.5% (for persons who were born on April 2, 1941 or later)

  1. Persons who were born between April 2, 1949 and April 1, 1953
    Even when a person receives early payment of Old-age Basic Pension, Retirement Mutual Aid Pension is not suspended but continues to be paid in unison.
  2. Persons who were born on April 2, 1953 or later
    In principle, Old-age Employees' Pension is also integrally paid in advance, and both pensions are reduced during their lifetime.

Deferred payment

Even though Old-age Basic Pension is paid from age 65 in principle, a person can postpone the payment from age 65 and receive it from age 66 or later. This is called "deferred Payment Request".

When deferred payment is requested, the pension amount is increased at a certain rate. This increase rate is unchanged during their lifetime.

For Old-age Basic Pension, deferred payment can be requested regardless of Category 1 - 4 Employees' Pension deferred payment.

Increase rate for deferred payment ... The number of months which payment is deferred × 0.7% (for persons who were born on April 2, 1941 or later)

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