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Pension Before Age 65

Old-age Employees' Pension (Special Payment)

To become eligible and receive Old-age Employees’ Pension before age 65, the following 1 - 3 must be fulfilled. The benefits are given from the month after becoming eligible up until the month of reaching age 65.

  1. The Pension-benefit Qualified Period is fulfilled.
  2. The period of being an Employees’ Pension Insured Persons (combined periods of Category 1 - 4 Employees’ Pension Insured Persons) is 1 year or longer.
  3. The age (refer to the following table) is reached based on the corresponding range of birth dates.
    Birth date Payment starting from
    October 2, 1954 - April 1, 1955 61 years old
    April 2, 1955 - April 1, 1957 62 years old
    April 2, 1957 - April 1, 1959 63 years old
    April 2, 1959 - April 1, 1961 64 years old

    The birth dates in the tables are for persons for whom Old-age Employees’ Pension is applicable after the consolidation.

Early payment of Old-age Employees’ Pension

For persons who were born on April 2, 1953 or later, eligibility to receive a pension does not come into effect at age 60. However, if the person satisfies the Pension-benefit Qualified Period and his/her combined Employees’ Pension insured periods reaches 1 year or longer, the person can request early payment of Old-age Employees’ Pension from the age of 60 to the payment starting age described in the above table.

  • When requesting early payment of Old-age Employees’ Pension, early payment of the Old-age Basic Pension (National Pension) must be integrally requested. (Early payment will also be requested integrally for the other categories of Old-age Employees’ Pension.)(refer to Insured types after the consolidation)
  • When early payment is requested, the Old-age Employees’ Pension is reduced permanently at the rate of 0.5/100 per month for the total number of months starting from the month when an early payment request is made to the month when the payment starting age is reached. This reduction rate also applies to the Old-age Basic Pension.
  • Even if early payment is requested, if the person is employed, pension payment in part or in whole may be suspended depending on the amount of monthly standard salary and of standard bonuses.
  • Persons who voluntarily participate in the National Pension cannot request early payment.

Special Provisions Concerning Disabled Persons or Long-term Membership

A person before age 65 who is a eligible recipient of the Old-age Employees' Pension that falls under the following condition will receive a special provision that adds fixed portion to the Old-age Employees' Pension.
The special provision does not apply while the person is being insured under Category 1 to 4 of the Employees’ Pension.

  • Person with Disability Grade 1 to 3 ... Application procedure is required.
  • Person with a pension calculated period equal to or exceeding 44 years in PMAC (the period must be exclusive to PMAC).

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