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Encouragement to Request Old-age Employees' Pension

For persons who are currently employed by private schools, a payment request form for Old-age Employees' Pension, etc. is sent through the person's school, etc.

Members who will reach the payment starting age

A payment request form ("turnaround request form" form) will be sent to the school in an individual envelope 3 months before the month of reaching the payment starting age. The person's name, membership number, Basic Pension number and pension system participation history are already printed. The payment request form will be sent after coordination among implementing institutions in order to avoid duplication of the form.

When a person is not employed by a private school on reaching payment starting age, the person will receive a notice on payment request from the last implementing institution for the Old-age Employees' Pension, which the person was a member of and becomes eligible.

One-Stop Service

Image of One-Stop Service

Encouragement for members currently employed by a private school who currently have participation periods of 1 year or longer after reaching the payment starting age

An individual envelope is sent to the school, etc. 2 months after the month when the participation period reaches 1 year, to provide information about payment request procedures.

Encouragement for members who have retired a private school with less than one year of participation period.

Necessary information about the payment request procedures will be provided 2 months after the retirement.

Encouragement for pension claim to member reaching age 70 employed by a private school who have less than a year of participation period

A currently employed member reaching age 70 with a participation period that does not reach a full year will receive an individual notification through school, etc. 2 months after the month you reach age 70.

Encouragement for pension claim to the person without a decided pension

A notification on payment request for pension benefits will be sent to those that do not have a decided pension even though it is nearing 5 years from the date that the person became eligible to receive a pension. (if currently employed, an individual notification will be sent to school, etc.)


  • A pension payment request must be submitted with all attachments on or after the day the eligibility to receive the payment comes into effect. A family register or resident card to be attached must be issued on or after the day the eligibility to receive the payment comes into effect.
  • Even if you have fulfilled all requirements and became eligible to receive this, if a request is not made within 5 years, the right to receive the pension for the period exceeding 5 years will expire according to legislation.
    Please make a payment request as soon as you become eligible to receive the payment.
  • For those living outside of Japan, contact PMAC as we cannot send a notice on payment request.

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