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Request for review

  • “Request for review” is a system that enables a member to contest a decision/disposition by PMAC.
    This system is called the “Request-for- review System.” It aims to promote the observance of a member’s rights and interests in compliance with related laws when such a request is made and to establish the appropriate operation of PMAC.
  • To achieve the mission stated above, PMAC has installed the Mutual Aid Association Board of Review. PMAC Board of Review consists of 9 members: 3 members representing all PMAC members, 3 members representing the school corporations and 3 members representing the public interest. All members are commissioned by Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
  • If a person has an objection to a PMAC's disposition regarding any of the following items, he or she may file a review request in accordance with the Administrative Appeal Act in written or oral form to PMAC Board of Review.
    (1) Decision regarding a member’s eligibility or benefits
    (2) Disposition regarding a Category IV Employees’ Pension Insured Person’s eligibility or insurance benefits
    (3) Collection of the premiums and any other payment collected from a Category IV Employees’ Pension Insured Person in accordance with the provisions prescribed in the Private School Personnel Mutual Aid Association Act and Employees' Pension Insurance Act.
    (4) Confirmation of membership period
    (5) Examination of the degree of disability of a Category IV Employees’ Pension Insured Person for Disability Basic Pension in accordance with the provisions prescribed in the National Pension Act.
    (6) Disposition on delinquency in PMAC premium payment against a school institution.
  • A review request should include descriptions of the (1) name, address and seal of the person requesting the review, (2) details of the disposition to review, (3) date (year/month/day) when the implementation of the concerned disposition came to be known, (4) intent and reasons for the review request, (5) whether or not PMAC has provided an explanation and the content of the explanation if any, etc.
  • A request for review can be made within 3 months from the date when the disposition came to be known.